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Business Planning

In the current economic climate with Companies continuing to fail, it is likely that your business has been adversely affected, or will be, at some time in the future.

Therefore, a degree of planning should be considered on matters which could ultimately impact on your personal position. In my experience, it is easier to make decisions armed with all the facts surrounding your business and, personal finances.

In difficult trading conditions time is at a premium and, efforts are generally concentrated on increasing sales although overhead expenditure is always a concern, and a business must be balanced to optimise its market position.

A sale is only effectively achieved when the invoice has been paid; otherwise it results in wasted time, additional costs and, a potential bad debt.

If you have any concerns about your business you should act quickly in order to consider the options available. Problems do not just disappear without some form of action!

I will provide a sympathetic approach to your problems, and hopefully provide a practical resolution.